Making a booking

We are a Specialist Medical Practice and you will need a doctor’s referral to see our doctors. Please discuss this with your GP or specialist.

We are a private practice and therefore only see patients who are insured with either:

  • Private Health insurance. This insurance must cover Hospital stays and be of Bronze, Silver or Gold level (we don’t accept patients who only have “extras” cover, or have a Basic Hospital policy). Click HERE for more information.
  • DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs), Gold Card or White Card (if it covers the relevant condition)
  • Workers Compensation insurance (we will need authorisation from the insurer prior to seeing you)
  • Motor Vehicle Accident insurance (we will need authorisation from the insurer prior to seeing you)


All referrals are initially reviewed by our specialists to establish a priority for being seen. Once a referral has been accepted an appointment will be made. The usual waiting time for an initial appointment is about 1-3 months.

We do not see patients purely to “authorise” opioids or cannabis. These medications may form part of your overall pain management strategy but will not be prescribed on the first visit. Some patients on very high doses of opioids, or with a history of substance abuse, may not be suitable for our practice (in this case we’ll suggest a suitable alternative)

Your First Appointment
After your Appointment


A GP or Specialist referral is required prior to making an appointment

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